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Making rest a routine

May 30, 2011

“God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested.” Genesis 2:2


Inhale…. exhale…. it feels good to breathe deep.

There have been 17 adults in the house this weekend — and 6 kiddos — and I snuck away to a side room with a high ceiling and big windows.

Through the windows are vines crawling up trees. Wind chimes. And abandoned floaties cresting across the glistening pool.

There is a sleeping baby on my chest.

And together, we rest.

We don’t rest enough, us Americans. We go, go go — and are most comfortable that way.

We don’t like silence for too long. Or sitting still for any great length. We have programmed our minds to bounce from one technology to another.

And when we get a minute to spare? Our hands slowly creep into our pockets holding smart phones to check email, text messages or Facebook.

But then: when do we recharge?

Maybe we don’t. (And yet we wonder where our peace has gone.)

I remind myself that even God rested. God – with infinite energy and time and space – made time to take a load off. And so should the rest of us.





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