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My Favorite Things (this week) Vol. 9

May 12, 2011

My Favorite Things (this week) is a fun way to share the little, big, amusing, beautiful, interesting, and sometimes just plain helpful things that I run across each week. There’s no formula to the pickin’. Just random things that make me smile. And smiles are made to be shared. See more Favorite Things here.

Note: This is the My Favorite Things (this week) California Edition.

1. John’s Garden

Nestled in the celebrity mecca of Malibu Country Mart, is a quaint little sandwich shop named John’s Garden. You can choose cold drinks from the fridge, sandwiches from the chalkboard and healthy snacks from the tall shelves that line the walls. Fresh cookies sit on the counter next to candy bars and gum. I asked the man behind the counter (maybe he was John?) if any celebs have stopped by lately. “They used to,” he quipped. “But the paparazzi has put an end to that.”

And I put an end to a yummy Caprese sandwich. Mmm.

2. The Malibu mountains

I gotta give it to California — this mix of mountains and ocean thing is absolutely beautiful. Plus it makes for incredible views from the hillside mansions. Not that I would know.

3. The Hollywood hills

We explored the winding hills that headed north to we-didn’t-know-where. But we didn’t care. The streets were lined with mansions and trees, beautiful landscaping and the ever-possible celebrity sighting. And when we got to the top? The Hollywood sign — not too far away. It sat in the backyard of a mansion that held a sign warning: NO TRESPASSING.

And not surprisingly, it was for sale. Perhaps they got tired of tourists constantly invading their property.

The biggest hill slopes down into a breathtaking valley that rolls into a green vineyard overlooking the city. And at dusk, the sun sets upon the vineyard shedding a soft glow on a picturesque dog park that has to be the scene of a million movies. It was so stinkin’ gorgeous.

4. Malibu Beach Inn

This wins the title of my favorite hotel – ever. I can’t quite explain why. It was beautiful, of course. Quaint. But there was something magical about our corner room that overlooked the ocean and the Malibu Pier. Maybe it was the view. Maybe it was the fireplace. Maybe it was the calming decor or the oh-so-comfy bed. Maybe it was the hot cookies and cold milk that they delivered to our door. Maybe it was the way, at night, I laid snuggled under the lamplight with the fire blazing — the patio door cracked — the sound of waves filling the room — and breathed deeply. It was peaceful.

Oh, and that little orange box below: gourmet chocolate truffles as a welcome gift.

5. Our patio

And speaking of our hotel — here was our view. The only thing missing in these pictures is the giant seagull that stalked the blue water, waiting for his chance to dive below the surface and capture an unsuspecting fishy.

6. Malibu Starbucks

This is where Britney gets her coffee, ya’ll.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    May 13, 2011 3:09 pm

    sigh…what an amazing trip.

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