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Summary from Starbucks

May 11, 2011

I’m sitting at Starbucks at LAX. Flight’s delayed. (Hmph.)

A celebrity wearing a wig and a fake mustache may or may not have just walked by.

And I am sleepy. But I digress…

In summary, I liked this trip. I liked the waves. I liked the adventure. But mostly — I liked being surrounded by people trying to do better. To learn more. To achieve and solve problems.

Too often, we are surrounded by complaining. Resentment. Negativity and victimhood. We hear people say “I can’t,” or “I won’t,” or simply, “I don’t want to.”

Or maybe, “Someday I’m going to…” But then they never do.

But this week I was with yes people. People who workout when they feel fat. Who work harder when they want to achieve more. Who turn off the TV to pursue a dream. Who — when feeling like things are going wrong — figure out a way to make them right.

They are the rare humans who don’t just wait around and let life happen to them, but who wake up each morning with purpose, passion and a drive to make every day better than the one before.

It is inspirational to be around leaders. I suppose that’s why people follow them.

We’re drawn to those who “glow in the power of their purpose.”

And here’s the crux of Harvard meets Hollywood. (It was an interesting juxtaposition).

They both breed some of the most powerful leaders in our world today — whether they’re on our televisions or in our boardrooms.

At their best, they are the perfect balance of arts and smarts.

At their worst, they can both be insidious curators of elitism and self-indulgence.

But somewhere in the middle is a perfect blend of mindful beauty and beautiful minds. And instead of only looking to Hollywood for our leaders — or only to Harvard — we should celebrate the best of both, realizing that the creative spirit and the pursuit of knowledge are two halves that make us whole.

Because at the end of the day: we’re all going somewhere. (Whether it’s somewhere good or bad, time is passing).

And so at the close of my week of leadership training, I throw this question to the world and the waves:

Who are we following?

Who is following us?

And where are we leading them?

Tomorrow: I post pictures.

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