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About a dog

May 6, 2011

We adopted our dog, Lady, from a country rescue where all sorts of animals roam and graze in animal nirvana.

As legend tells it — Lady’s mom (a shaggy mutt of a pup) was rescued by the woman who owns this utopian farm zoo just hours before being put down, fully pregnant.

And so, Lady’s Mom – “Lady Bird” – was brought to the farm and able to give birth to all of her little pups in a happy, safe place.

Fast forward a few weeks…

I found her online and fell in love with her picture. “Are you sure we want a dog right now?” Matt asked (he’s so practical). “Yes!” I answered with confidence.

We first saw our girl in the tailgate of a van in a gas station parking lot in some podunk little Texan town.

Fast forward a few weeks (again).

Enter: ring worm, tape worm, & mange. We called her “Body World” dog (you know that exhibit where you can see the inside of people’s bodies?)

Her mangy hair and balding ringworm spots caused her to look like a science experiment. But she eventually got over it — and now she’s just part of the family.

I will admit, though, that I am not always appreciative of Lady’s kind and loving spirit.

Her hair sheds… everywhere.

She constantly wants to be touching me and I frequently trip over her while trying to walk from room to room.

She smells like a dog. Slobbers like a dog. And barks like a dog when we put her in the backyard (though she stops when we tell her to. Mostly.)

However, this morning, while driving to work — I had a change of heart about my compassionate canine.

I saw a blind woman and her seeing eye dog crossing a busy intersection. Cars zoomed by, traffic lights changed, and this smart, smart dog — and his very trusting owner — navigated through the chaotic streets. My heart filled with awe as I watched her dog become more than a best friend, but a source of freedom. She clutched his collar, clung to his fur, and brought new meaning to taking your dog “on a walk.”

My heart warmed. I thought about my Lady — my shedding, slobbering, sweet-heart of a dog who was gentle to my babies and a great running partner.

And I decided that I would go home and give her an extra treat tonight.

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  1. Diane permalink
    May 6, 2011 12:39 pm

    My first dog was named Lady. I named my next Lady Esmerelda II, Lady for short. She lived until the birth of my 2nd child in 79. Both were “mutts”. After that we’ve had a rescued greyhound, and a rescued cocker spaniel. I have wonderful memories. Yes, they tripped me, smelled. We still have the cocker, after 12 years. She was going to be destroyed at the age of 4 months by a pet store that couldn’t sell her because of a heart murmur. She’s aging, but is still great company. She & my husband are best buddies.
    I have always admired the seeing-eye dogs. Many moons ago, I read a book by Morris Frank who introduced the seeing-eye dog to america. I don’t remember the name of it and it is probably out of print, but the story of these dogs is remarkable. God does have a reason for all his creatures.

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