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Rain, rain, come and play

May 1, 2011

We’re supposed to have storms today. Ooooh, storms. Rain has been my favorite weather since I was a little girl — it always fills me with excitement.

I love the sound, the smell, the ominous grey sky, the crisp cool in the air, and the extra breeze in the trees.

I love the moments before a storm – the anticipation of “better put the plants outside so they can drink up!” and “make sure to roll the windows up!”

I love how it’s dark outside in the middle of the day. It has a “holiday” feel; perfect for lighting candles or building fires or putting on an extra pot of coffee.

In 5th grade, my best friend’s sister used to wash her hair in saved rain water. Supposedly it was her secret to luscious locks. I tested this theory a few years ago on a trip with Matt’s family to New Zealand.

His sister and I washed our hair in a rainstorm on a camping trip in the mountains. We stood under the eve of the old bunk room and used the downfall as a shower – giggling, laughing, and screaming when the raindrops splashed a bit too hard in our faces. My hair did look a bit snazzier that day.

On the same note, my aunt used to save jugs of rain water at our family cabin in East Texas. Rows of the rain-filled milk jugs sat in the storage room to water thirsty plants with the hydration of God.

They ended up being a life-saver last time my parents were visiting the cabin and the water wouldn’t work — my Mom used them to fill the toilets. (Sorry, Mom. Maybe that was TMI.)

In any case, it’s supposed to rain today – which also makes me happy because I planted green stuff yesterday and they could use a good rain. My thighs are sore from digging holes and pulling weeds. My nails still have dirt under them. But the bed in our front yard sure does look good.

The warmer weather is a great reminder of how we were made to be outside. Maybe even in the rain.

Perhaps once the showers arrive, I’ll take the babes outside and dance awhile.

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