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The night before Kate

April 4, 2011

I was reading through my other blog — a private one where I document (or before 2 kids, used to document) the day to day ongoings of our family. I haven’t updated it in awhile, and I stumbled upon this post I wrote the night before Kate arrived. Looking back, it’s eerily poignant. And because it’s what I do here, I thought I’d share.


Tomorrow is a big day. We’re getting induced with little girl at 8 am. I should be folding laundry, organizing closets and finishing up the projects that I wanted to have complete before she gets here (I thought I still had a few weeks!) – but instead, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on life (and new life) on this rainy afternoon.

I went to my 37 week appt on Monday and had an unusual sonogram. The sonogram itself was not unusual – it’s just not routine at my doc’s office to do sonograms at 37 weeks unless there is something that needs to be checked out. Turns out my belly measured a bit small the last couple of trips and Dr. Martin wanted to see how well little girl is growing. And as he suspected, the sonogram showed that she’s a bit smaller than he would like.

This could mean two probable things (and a bunch of other improbable things): one, she’s just small (but her parents are not petite – and neither is her big brother), or two, the placenta isn’t working at maximum capacity and she’s not getting all the nourishment she needs to grow big and fat. So if number 2 is the case – Dr. Martin would rather take her outside of my body where he can make sure that she’s getting all the nourishment she needs. All of the other signs check out great – fluid levels, heartbeat, measurements, she’s moving like a champ – she’s just on the small side. So, most likely we have a small, yet healthy, baby who just needs to feast a bit when she gets out tomorrow. And since I’m 37 weeks – which is considered full term – she’s fully “ripe” for the pushing.

The news came as a surprise as you can imagine. It took Matt and I a day or so to wrap our heads around the fact that – yes – we’re having the baby within the next 48 hours. So we told our parents and I told work and we made a list of a few things we wanted to get done and now we’re just tying up the loose ends.

I’m so excited to meet her. There is something nice about not having to wait for this indefinite moment when labor begins; however, there are higher risks associated with induction – and some unknowns about why she’s small – so a Momma’s heart is never fully peaceful about that. But I’m not one to worry about those things and I know that tomorrow we’ll be holding a precious little girl in our arms. And hey, I can get all prettied up before I go in so that those “after birth” pictures look halfway decent.

I can’t wait for little man to meet his little sister. It will be fun to see how he reacts. And seeing that he loves babies and kids – and that he’s such a loving, selfless boy – I know he’s going to be a fantastic big brother.

She’ll probably get a lot of kisses and hugs from him.

That’s all for now. Time to go organize more things for we have a VERY IMPORTANT person arriving tomorrow!


Little did I know just how important she would be.


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  1. theresa mccaffrey permalink
    April 4, 2011 5:38 pm

    Beautifully and wonderfully made!!

  2. Syreeta Leaks permalink
    April 6, 2011 7:10 am

    I love reading your blog Lauren! I can tell that you are an exceptionally outstanding mom. I pray that you are strengthened each day to continue do so, as well as overcome the challenges that you meet. Love you!

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